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Easy Diet – The Best Diet To Lose Weight With Easy Technique

Best Diet


Diet has been a word that spreads widely and mostly disussed by people concerning about their health. Before we go to diet and what is the best diet appropriate to us let us go thoroughly to the meaning of the word diet first. According to Chambers 21st Century Dictionary,

 diet is :

  1.  The food and drink habitually consumed by a person or animal.
  2. Planned or prescribed selection of food and drink, especially one designed for weight loss, maintenance of good health or the control of a medical disorder.
  3.  As adj denoting a food or drink, often with a brand name, that contains less sugar than the standard version • diet lemonade. Compare low-cal.


verb (dieted, dieting) intrans to restrict the quantity or type of food that one eats, especially in order to lose weight. dieter noun.
ETYMOLOGY: 13c: from French diete, from Greek diaita way of life.

 The first definition of the word diet says about the food and drink we habitually eat and drink. This is something general about our habit in eating and drinking. The second definition talks about something that is related to a specific prupose to maintain a good health, to reduce weight also to specific medical problems. While the last meaning refers to the word as an adjective which is not discussed further here. There is also one definition of the word diet as an action related to weight management.

 To discuss about the best diet for us we should also talk about diet in general, while when we asked some people and they replied by saying, diet is you are what you eat. This is also one of the simplest point of calorie in and calorie out terms.




Calorie is a term for energy from food and calorie in is what we eat and how much energy we can get from the food while calorie out is what activities we do and how much energy we spend doing them. if we’re talking about, we also deal with the balance of the calorie in and calorie out. Let say, a person wants to improve his/her weight then he/she should have more calorie in than calorie out. In this case he/she should either eat more or do less energy burning activities, moreover if he/she can eat more and do less energy wasting activities then he can increase his weight much faster. On the other hand, when a person wants to decrease his/her weight, he/she should limit the calorie in or do more energy burning activities, the same condition also applies when he/she can do both, the goal to decrease weight is much easier and faster to attain.

 Best Diet Program

 Now let us go further to discuss about the best diet program in the whole world. You may agree that people in the Eastern and Western part of the world have different diet. This also applies to people in the Northern part and Southern part of the world. The best diet is not merely about the best food for everyone. It is more to the best food which is suitable for everyone, easy to get and good for the health in general. If we are talking about the best diet, we should also talk about the meal in one whole day which are breakfast, lunch and dinner.


According to a Chinese saying recommended by many herbalist and doctors, have breakfast like a king meaning that the best diet at this time should be nutritious, have lunch like a soldier meaning that the best diet at lunch consists of a large amount of food that is mostly full of calorie to build the energy for the activities in the remaining whole day, and for the dinner you should eat like a queen meaning that you just eat little not much as the best diet for this time of meal. Furthermore when we talk about the nutritious food then the food should be something that we consider as the best diet (2nd meaning of the word diet). Nutritious food should consist of a right amount of carbohydrate, fat, and protein as well as an adequate amount of vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients to considered as the best diet. For breakfast, the food is considered to be richer in protein comparing to carbohydrate and fat as this is one of the most subtantial macro nutrients needed by the body especially in the morning.


For lunch, the best diet consists of a balanced amount of carbohydrate as well as protein and fat. To make it easy, fill a third of your plate with carbohydrate such as bread or rice. The next one third part should be filled with vegetables and the remaining one third part should be filled with protein rich food and a little amount of fat. So big meal is still okay for lunch time.


Dinner should be less in amount of food consumed to be considered as the best diet. Dinner should also be done early at around 6 to 7 pm. Later than 7 pm would keep the liver works harder. The amount of food in dinner should be less in calorie and easy to digest one. Preferably, fruits or small meal is the right choice to be the best diet. Keep in mind that there should be no more meal after dinner as this will just make your digestion system works hard and have not enough rest for the next day, even worse when you eat before you sleep at night.


Last but not least, to summarize all the explanations above, a best diet is one that is not only based on the kind of food you choose to eat, instead there are still many factors to consider, such as your eating time, the amount of food, the nutrients contained in the food, as well as the food combination and not forgetting the x factors which are usually not observed much such as the emotion before and while eating, weather, eating companion, and food presentation.


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