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Moroccan Argan Oil: What’s The Fuss All About?

Mother Nature is really superb. She has a certain way with things. Not just that she endows us with many resources, but she also makes these resources flexible so that we can benefit well from all of their fantastic qualities. Let’s check out the Moroccan argan oil.

Argan oil is a 100% natural oil made by the toiling hands of the Berber girls in Morocco, NW Africa. It’s been used as local cosmetic, healing and culinary oil for hundreds of years. The people of Morocco have been enjoying the amazing advantages of this invaluable oil.

This particular oil has great benefits for the body. It replenishes the skin by making it softer, reducing wrinkles and subtle lines, and healing scars and marks amongst others. It is known to be good for the hair. It has been proven to be the ultimate solution for the persistent issue of split ends. It has additionally been used to soothe conditions like arthritis and muscle pains due to its anti inflammatory components. It is loaded in Vitamin E and other essential fatty acids hence making it a useful part of a good, balanced diet.

Argan oil is a natural product so it is safe for everybody to use. It has no chemical additives and conforms to strict organic guidelines to guarantee superior potency and quality.

Argan oil is actually in short supply all over the world and this rarity value means high price for such commodity. Before you give any violent reaction, let’s at least try and enlighten ourselves as to how this prized product comes to being.

One vital factor to the rarity of the argan oil of Morocco is the scarcity of other feasible places to utilise for its propagation. Additionally , being a rural enterprise, it is seasonal. Another problem is the argan nut itself. It has prickly thorns that grow on its outer layer and the shell is incredibly tough and resistant to breakage, requiring lots of physical effort in cracking it. In order to produce one liter of the oil of argan, a Berber girl used to do 12 hours of manual labor cracking the casing open. To minimize the intensity of work involved in getting the oil from the argan nuts, machines have been used in the recent years. Still, it is one demanding process.

In making this oil, no wastage is involved since all of the external elements are utilized for other purposes. The seeds, shells, and fruit pulp are utilized as lamp oil, cattle feed and bread oven fuel. It’s an efficient and sustainable agricultural and industrial activity for the community.

The resources available in nature are so enormous. In reality we’ve been truly endowed with a lot of wonderful things that we can utilize to our optimum advantage. Zakia’s Morocco argan oil is just one example. Although we need to shell out additional money to take advantage of its benefits, it’s truly all worth it. Let’s be realistic! Good things do come at a price.

If you too , are excited to have discovered argan oil and would want to incorporate it into your beauty regimen, now is the perfect time to visit our site. Know the different argan oil benefits and live naturally.

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