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Anomaly 2 Download Crack

Anomaly 2

Anomaly 2

Anomaly 2 is a “tower” working game that takes place in a post-apocalyptic world of alien invasion. In this game, your task is to control the convoy of special units and destroy a series of strangers.

Boot of foreigners from the country!

Aliens have invaded the human race, Icereturn, they held iljudibezmilosten war against invadersthat is more or less the situation that awaits anomalies 2. In areas well stockedsingle kampaniathatoffersalternative player, you are armed alien attacks. Areshock troops available to help in the search, including robotikoyto canto transform whenever you want. Much of facilities and attacks raspolaganjupomoći to manage troops in battle. Anomaly 2 has a multiplayer mode where you can compete with other players. Mode, see “Tower offense’clash against” Tower defense’on five razlichnikarti. Unfortunately,lack of multiplayer modeai players when vetested.

It comes down to tactics

Let “tower defense” duringvhich must strategically place your enemies counterattack obvious target for abnormalities 2 is to fight against aliens. Before the start of each mission to vietryabvalook at the map and set during his military Hasto connection. Your convoy then moves seemed lines and must come up with tactics and manage your troops to iouekpel thatthe strance.Na way, you can collect items that will help you organize iourbattle equipment example.Others act as if they help you to attack enemies with more power and efficiency, “reinforcements”. Four difficulty levels are available, including Hardcore mode that will appeal to players looking for a challenge.

excellent graphics

Graphic sayingAnomaly 2 is very addictive with filmanimatsiya good quality. This is the largest atpinakamahusai feature of this game, so ishighli recommended apoverful installation, and even tries to fully exploit Anomali 2 gameplay.

Great job tower

When you select a time in the army will beNeville can not promeni.V result of abnormalities 2 is presented as a game of reflexes and speed with which you can see ioureact quickly and choose the most appropriate way to combat your enemies. You will enjoy thenumber tactical combinationsthat Anomali2 has tooffer, and good quality,and graphicsand ekuippedsingle-Playerkampaniya.

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