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5 Simple Workouts That Will Build Muscle Mass

There are different ways and techniques employed by people that want to build their muscle mass. From dietary plans to intensive muscle building exercises, people continue to try out different plans to ensure their body is toned and their physique is attractive.

There are several workout plans and exercises that have specially designed to help build muscles in the body and some of these workouts are discussed below.

One of the commonest workouts for building muscles especially in the chest area is the bench press.

It involves lowering a weight to the chest level and pushing it upward until the arms are straightened.

This process is repeated severally and it can be very helpful in building the chest muscles fast. The most affected areas include the triceps, deltoids, and the pectorals.

If this workout routine is done regularly and properly, the results around the pectorals can be visible in a matter of weeks.

Pushups are another exercise that really works wonders when building muscles and getting ripped is discussed.

This muscle building workout has been used by body builders for many decades and still remains an exercise to be reckoned with in the present age due to its effectiveness and relative ease.

It is an effective muscle building exercise especially for those that would like to avoid weights. Pushups are perfect for the chest, shoulders and triceps.

It involves lifting and lowering your bodyweight off the floor against using your arms and upper body muscles.

Pushups can be done anywhere making it a cheap workout plan as gym membership is not required.

It best to start slow and progress as time goes on to avoid tiring out or even putting too much pressure on the muscles.

The shoulder press is a very common exercise among bodybuilders. It helps to increase the strength of the shoulder and the muscles in good time.

The shoulder press is performed using dumbbells with the equipment held at a resting position at shoulder level and your arms facing forward.

This is followed by lifting the dumbbells straight upward above the shoulders and lowering them gradually to the resting position.

Biceps curls can also help you build muscles fast.

They are very effective in building the muscles of the arms and can also help develop the biceps, triceps, shoulders, and the forearms.

To perform the biceps curls, the dumbbells are placed in the palm of each hand and curled against gravity towards the biceps while the palms face forward.

The weights are solely returned to the starting position and the routine continues until your muscles can take no more.

The final workout for building muscles are pull-ups.

Considered as one of the best muscle building workouts, it also helps with your endurance level.

With some few minutes of pull-ups every day, the shoulder, back, and bicep muscles can develop in a matter of weeks if properly done.

5 of the easiest and commonest workouts to help build your muscle have been discussed above.

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