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Weight Loss

Good Home Fat Loss Exercises To Lose Belly Fat

There are a couple of home fat loss exercises that people wanting to lose weight can do in the comfort of their homes by using their own bodyweight.

The good part of using your own bodyweight is that you do not need the heavy tools and equipment seen in the gym and you are able use home exercises to lose belly fat.

There are a number of home exercises to lose belly fat that can be done and for the purpose of this discussion; five of such exercises will be examined.

Upper body step-up

This exercise requires a bench with which the push-up is done.

Step ups are done with the use of the hands. You slightly lift the body, placing the left hand on the step which could be a bench or board.

This is followed by placing the right hand on the step, making both of the hands be on the step.

You subsequently lower the left hand to the floor and continue the process with the right hand, with both of the hands being on the floor at the opposite side of the step.

Elevated push-ups

As the name suggests, it is unlike the ordinary push-ups as the feet are put in a higher position like a ball, chair or something of such while you do the conventional push-up with your hands staying on the floor.


This great home fat loss exercise is started with the hands on the hips while you stand straight.

You put a step forward and bend your keens at angle 90.

This is basically the whole exercise process but it is advised that you avoid putting too much pressure on the knees.

Return to the starting position and repeat the process as many times as you can.

Triceps Dips

This exercise requires the use of a chair or sofa.

The hands are placed on the edge of the chair or sofa and the feet stuck forward to make the position of the body higher than the feet.

Bend the upper arm to lower the body slowly.

This helps to train the muscles of the triceps and the chest and subsequently help with a flat tummy.

Step Up Thrust

This quite similar to how the lunge is done only that one foot is placed on the step and the other on the floor.

Just like the lunge, it is also body weight training.

The exercises mentioned above are very effective for persons wanting to lose weight especially the fat deposit in the stomach region.

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