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The Commercial Benefits Of Ebola Virus Outbreaks

The Ebola pathogen outbreak in Western Africa controlled much of the stories in 2014. The highly contagious virus spreads quickly and kills more than half of those who get infected, leading to major panics across multiple continents. While most of the dead are in Africa, health workers did bring the pathogen home to other states and continents.

For all the bad news and focus upon doomsday scenarios on what the pathogen could do, there are essentially dome economic benefits of Ebola virus break outs. The economic benefits principally breakdown between non-profit or government groups and for-profit biotechnology corporations.

Central authority or help associations like the Red Cross or the CDC have a tendency to see increases in funding in events like these. The business advantages to them are direct and help out those on the ground suffering or assisting and containing an outbreak.

This containment keeps economic interruption when funding is acceptable to turn the tide of an onset.

The long term economic benefits of Ebola virus outbursts are biotech corporations working on vaccines or medicines that might improve survival rates of those infected with Ebola. One such firm is Tekmira, which has been given blessings by the FDA to widen testing on in its experimental Ebola drug for larger scale controlled trials.

Sarepta Therapeutics, Nanoviricides and BioCryst Pharmaceuticals are other biotech outfits that could see increased business in the future if their own Ebola drugs and medicinal compounds turn out to be of price.

While the 2014 Ebola breakout is the first to have captured world attention as much as it did, it was hardly the first onset. Others have happened, and more will occur in times to come. Any business which has an Ebola drug or vaccine on the market that proves effective can be sure to see an increase in business in times to come.

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